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Compare It! is a document and file comparison tool
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Compare It! is a document and file comparison tool. According to its specifications, this tool can compare a variety of files and aid you in finding the differences between them. It can compare PDF, ZIP, RTF, DOC, and XLS files. It can also process binary files and C++ files.

In my testing, I used two different .DOC files which shared the same header, to see what the application would make of that. When I opened the files, Compare It! put them side by side. It automatically detected all the text that was identical in the documents as well as the text that was not in the first document but was in the second one, and viceversa. It also detected text that was similar in both documents but appeared to have been changed. This tool also highlighted specific parts of text and gave different font colors to some text. There is also a legend to the left of the application that shows were similar text is, where changed text is, etc. I do a lot of editing jobs, and this tool is very smart in finding changes in text and recognizing patterns. At least the .DOC comparison mode works very well. I can't say about all the other features.

José Fernández
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  • It works very well
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